The Ultimate Guide for College Scholarship Types

There are many scholarships out there. Here are the five most common college scholarships available to students.

The Ultimate Guide for College Scholarship Types

Recipients of academic scholarships have demonstrated academic excellence. They often require a minimum GPA or standardized test score and may cover tuition, fees, or other educational expenses.

These scholarships are allocated to students who have excelled in a specific area, such as community service, leadership, or artistic talent. Some merit scholarships require applicants to demonstrate a certain level of financial need, while others are open to students regardless of their financial situation.

Recipients are determined based on their family's income and other financial factors. This scholarship type is to help support low-income families or those who face other financial barriers to accessing higher education.

These scholarships require students to write an essay on a particular topic and are often awarded based on the quality of the paper. Essay topics are often a way for students to demonstrate their writing skills and showcase their knowledge and interests.

There are scholarships for writing, art, or music achievements for those in the creative space. Applicants may be required to submit a portfolio of their work or participate in an audition or performance.