Gearing up for finals week

We know finals week is stressful and we want to help by providing some tips. We are also happy to announce our #TipTuesday social media series!

We know finals week is just around the corner and for most of us, this may be a stressful time.

We recently started a #TipTuesday social media series where we post tips on Tuesdays that we think might be helpful for our social media followers. The current theme of the series has been productivity and study tips; both for students and professionals at work.

Since finals are next week for most of us, I want to showcase a few of our recent tips:

We want to highlight how important time management and staying organized are when studying. To start, cleaning off your space before you study is something that will motivate you and is a small win to help yourself get on track 😊

It’s important to keep a to-do list of what topics you need to focus on. For me, I like using Todoist, but I know that some members of the OperationSTART team like Notion or Google Tasks. Whichever tool you use, keeping a to-do list is important to keep you on track.

Managing distractions—like your phone— is essential. What I do on my iPhone is turn on focus mode (if you haven’t updated your iOS yet, the Do Not Disturb function helps limit distractions as well), where no notifications are delivered to me during a set time. If you find yourself in a loud study environment, try to find a quiet place or wear some headphones.

Finding a study buddy that will keep you accountable is a very useful tip that we sometimes overlook. If you find yourself being distracted by your phone, your study buddy can give you a friendly reminder to stay on track. They can also give you tips on how they study and what works for them— so go find yourself a study buddy!

We hope these tips will help you as you study and take finals! We’re hoping to keep this #TipTuesday series going, so if you have any ideas feel free to shoot us a DM on any social media platform or shoot us a line at [email protected]!

Good luck!