What’s the Difference? LinkedIn vs. OperationSTART

LinkedIn and OperationSTART play a vital role in professional development, but they serve different purposes and have different audiences. Read more to find out!

OperationSTART and LinkedIn are online platforms that help individuals find professional and educational opportunities, although they serve different purposes for their users. While both platforms can be beneficial for career development, they have distinct features and functions that set them apart.

operationstart.org is a platform designed for high school students applying for resume-building opportunities. The website offers internships and educational opportunities to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and the workforce, including the ability to filter by interest and bookmark internships.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows users to connect with other professionals in their industry, search for jobs, and showcase their skills and experience. The platform is open to professionals from all backgrounds and industries. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for building a professional network, finding job opportunities, and promoting oneself to potential employers.

One significant difference between the two platforms is their focus. OperationSTART focuses on students looking for extracurricular activities to enhance their resumes and develop their interests, while LinkedIn focuses on connecting professionals from all backgrounds and industries. Additionally, OperationSTART specializes in working with local Bay Area organizations, whereas LinkedIn has a global reach.

Another difference is the purpose of the two platforms. As high school students, Johnny, Lilian, and Tiffany built OperationSTART to address the problem of how difficult it can be to find local opportunities that align with their interests. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is suited for professionals who have existing experience and are searching for full-time positions.

OperationSTART and LinkedIn are great platforms for career development, but they serve different audiences. OperationSTART is ideal for Bay Area students applying to college or looking to explore potential career interests. LinkedIn is ideal for established professionals looking for new careers or opportunities to expand their network. No matter what stage in your professional career, both platforms can benefit your career development if used correctly.