How nonprofits can recruit youth for their programs

A lot of nonprofits rely on youth for their programs. But how do youth become aware of all these opportunities? OperationSTART makes that process as easy as 1-2-3!

One of the biggest challenges in the nonprofit world is acquiring funding to keep programming going. Another challenge for most nonprofits that serve youth in the community is recruiting youth for the programs. Most nonprofits working with youth have a mission, whether bridging the tech divide, bridging the opportunity divide, or making sure high school students go to college and graduate.

At OperationSTART, we understand that many nonprofit organizations in the community work to combat barriers that youth face. We also understand that youth in our community want to explore what they want to do in the future or even make an extra buck to support their family. These are some of the reasons why we created OperationSTART.

We created OperationSTART so there would be one central platform accessible to youth in the San Francisco Bay Area to help them find various enrichment opportunities to engage with– internships, jobs, scholarships, or volunteer opportunities.

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So the question lingers: How can nonprofits recruit students for their programs?

The short answer is to utilize OperationSTART during recruitment season. Whether a nonprofit recruits in the fall, spring, summer, or year-round, OperationSTART is available to help you through the process.

How OperationSTART works:

  1. We spread the word about OperationSTART and the services we offer to students, nonprofits, and school staff
  2. Depending on if you’re a student, nonprofit, or school staff, you’ll be looking for enrichment opportunities or looking to submit the opportunities your nonprofit has to offer for youth to apply to
  3. We have a win-win situation! Students can find new enrichment opportunities to engage with and learn new things while nonprofits can recruit efficiently and provide services to the community! 🎉

How can you get started today?

  1. Sign up on our website at!
  2. Submit the opportunities your nonprofit offers at!